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By: Sunil Maheshwari


A practical account of how to solve a vexing problem, viz. that of building engaged employees.

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Inspiration behind the Book

I began my career in Human Resources Management and Development exactly 25 summers ago. Over the course of these years, I have had the opportunity of working with leading and progressive corporate organizations that were at the forefront of HR practice.

To my surprise, I found that the developmental practices and people engagement frameworks that were deployed failed to address the needs of the individual as well as the organization at the same time. Many of the extant approaches favored the organization, and treated the individual employees as cogs in a wheel. Certain other models were anthropocentric in nature, and thereby appeared to neglect organizational effectiveness.

Therefore, we set out to create a new people engagement paradigm that could carry organizational vitality and individual fulfillment together at the same time. It took us 18 long years to do so.

Over this period, we peeled the engagement onion, tested every part of it, dug into the whys and wherefores of each, learned from the organizations that have done it well, iteratively developed the constructs for each element, and then wove it all together into this paradigm of universality and truth.

he salient organizational development challenge in modern times is that of building a highly engaged workforce that is committed, productive and innovative. Employees wish to give their very best at work. Organizations also make every effort to provide an atmosphere where people can do their best. However, despite intensive efforts from both sides, engagement still remains elusive.
This book emphasizes the role that the employee and the institution need to play, in order to make people engagement possible. It spells out a novel engagement paradigm that starts from the fundamentals i.e. the intrinsic nature of the human being and the basic nature of organizational work in modern society.

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Topics Covered

The Quest

The exploration of how diverse individuals, as well as organized groups of people, may be unified as a symbiotic whole.

The Foundations

This section describes the building blocks that support the creation of deeply engaged organizational contexts.

The Approach

The twin fundamentals of the approach that yields human engagement in a collective setting.

The Architecture

The manner in which role mandates at different levels these may be fulfilled is exhaustively presented.

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